When I was laid off 2 years ago, I lost my health coverage. The Direct Access Health prescription card program lets me provide for my family by making healthcare affordable. Alison Gruber, 38.

We're covered by BlueCross BlueShield which is great coverage but they didn't cover one of my daughter's prescriptions. With the Direct Access card, we've been saving 25% on it in the past 4 months. Kathleen Fentz, 32.

It was a blessing that I found the Direct Access website. With the prices of gasoline and medicines rising, among other things, the discount card is helping to relieve some of that financial pressure. Andrea Calderon, 36.

A friend from church suggested that I look into the Direct Access Health Discount program as a way to protect myself from rising prescription costs. I don't buy meds now but its inevitable I will in the future. Jessica Thornton, 33.

This card is awesome. I'm glad there is a program out there like this. Rick Davenport, 40.

Direct Access Health is great. It really helped me with savings for my sons asthma prescriptions. Joanne Redding, 36.

The majority of my prescriptions are covered by my insurance plan. The 2 that are not covered for my blood pressure would run me 195 every 30 days. With Direct Access I was able to get my cost to 107. Arthur Glasko, 67

Not only do we benefit from the prescription discounts, but we benefit from the excellent service provided by the membership service agents! Tad & Mary Young 46.

This is such a great service to have to help hedge against rising prescription costs. Gary Breshfeld, 51.

I am fully covered but my husband does not have any insurance so I was able to enroll in the Direct Access program and help my husband out with his needed medicines. Mary Jenson, 48.

I found this program at the right time. I am a business owner and have to provide my own insurance. Since the economic turn down business has been slow and I had to cut back on some costs including insurance. Direct Access helps ease the financial burden of prescription medications. Tom Gritshen, 50.

I have only had to use the discount card 3 times this year, which I am thankful for. I am also thankful that I had the card with me because I saved over 50% on my prescriptions. Carol Hendricks, 44

I purchased this membership for my mother who is currently retired. She buys prescriptions every 30 days and saves between 40%-60%. Love it! Tracy Riley, 40

The only way I could be any happier with this membership is if I was getting the prescriptions for free. Two thumbs up! Antoine Gomes, 45.

As I get older prescription costs are basically inevitable, I enjoy spending my money on the joys of life so getting this discount because of Direct Access puts a big smile on mine and my wife's face. Tungen Family, 66 & 68.

I am the type of person that likes to prepare, by enrolling in the Direct Access discount program I am able to prepare for the rise in med costs. Robert Nunan, 38

Enrolling in this program is like taking a breath of fresh air. Super happy about this! Rose Palmer, 65

You can never be to cautious when it comes to finances and your health. Direct Access covers both ends of that spectrum. Tara Dozien

Thank you Direct access health for taking a huge burden off my shoulders and relieving my constant struggle to pay for my blood pressure medications while living on a fixed income. Nancy Figueroa, 43

Direct access health has really saved more than just my life. It has relieved a huge financial burden, as well as a lot of stress for me and my family. I no longer have to worry about how I am going to afford my medicines. Direct access saves me and my family more than $200 per month in prescription medicines costs. Gabriel Swanson, 40.

I can not encourage people enough to take this incredibly easy and necessary step and become direct access member. It's one of the most important decisions i ever made! Denise Walton, 56.

Before direct access health it was a matter of deciding if i should buy my medicines or get some groceries. Now that i can save on my meds, I can do both. Colleen Jameson, 61.

After losing my job in December 2005, my life took a serious financial turn downward. This also left me without any health insurance. Since I take four medications, which are all necessary for me to maintain my health, and I live on a limited income, I was in a desperate situation. Im so glad i found Direct access! I do not know what I would do without you! Reina Jung, 57.

Direct Access Health is an exceptional program. It's a program that helps people, and it's about people - people getting medications they might not be able to afford. Its the one and only way to go. Kerry Spencer, 63.

I lost my insurance. For a long period of time I didn't have any way to pay for my medicines. Our health clinic helped connect me with the Direct Access. I love it! I thank God every day for it. Joan Breska, 45.

After 12 years, I lost my job and my health insurance. I had COBRA for 18 months until it ran out. Then, I didn't know what to do. I have several medical conditions, which require medications: high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I researched all the assistance programs my state offered but wasn't eligible for any of them. Im so thankful i found Direct Access Health! Gloria Velasquez, 59.

I can only say to my friends, family and others in need of some help, maintain your quality of life! Don't worry, be happy, and get enrolled. You have nothing to lose and much to gain! Tyler Woodson, 45.

After having private health insurance through my job for 20 years, they raised the premiums and lowered my family's prescription coverage. I was forced to drop my prescription coverage. I would be spending a couple hundred dollars a month if I wasn't a DAH member. With this program I am able to still get all the medications my family needs even without prescription insurance coverage. Thanks Bill Korver, 56

Because of my pre-existing conditions ive been rejected by many different assistance programs. Direct access health allowed me to save on my meds that my insurance wouldn't cover. Patti Gunther, 48

It seems like my doctor keeps prescribing me more and more every time I go for a visit. My meds were getting so costly I had to stop taking some until I got the direct access health card. They gave me new hope! Thank you Gene wilks, 64

Being on a fixed income, I wasn't able to afford all my prescriptions. I needed help reducing my costs. Direct access health gave me what I was looking for. My prescription costs went down by over 50%. Jenna Lumfor, 41

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